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Cockatiels for Dummies ebook download

Cockatiels for Dummies ebook download

Cockatiels for Dummies by Diane Grindol

Cockatiels for Dummies

Download Cockatiels for Dummies

Cockatiels for Dummies Diane Grindol ebook
ISBN: 9780764553110
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Format: pdf
Page: 224

New Super Cool Pets Cockatiel -- Fandangle Jangle Bird Toy and Cockatiels for Dummies. If you purchased a budgie or cockatiel, his interactions with humans have been restricted to being netted out of a group of his buddies to be shipped to a pet store to wait to be netted again when purchased. Natural–born charmers, cockatiels are small colorful parrots native to the Australian desert. Trimming and grooming your cockatiels is good because it is sometimes necessary. My cockatiels' behavior has often confused and astounded me. We recently welcomed a new yellow and gray male cockatiel to our Super Cool Pets family. When raised by people, they're usually calm and cuddly and have an inquisitive, adventurous disposition. I think the fact that I first thought this said “Cocktails for Dummies” really says something about me. This book is a good one to get you started with cockatiels. Do not feed to your bird because grit is bad and it will cause a blockage in his digestive track. Book: Cockatiels for Dummies Pages: 64-194.

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